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    Since 1981, BobDigital has provided top quality recording services for local artists, national artists and businesses. For over 30years, we have maintained the highest standards in providing a full-service, professional facility for music production, mastering, composing, arranging, MIDI and access to the finest professional talent in the Industry. We also now are providing video production, post production and a  remote A/V truck



   BobDigital offers the highest quality studio and live recording, mixing, mastering, and A/V production. We are extremely        excited to now offer these services for:
• Live Recording
• Video Production
• DVD / Bluray Authoring (FOR REPLICATION)
• 4 camera live switched Streaming in HD to internet     
• Post Production
• Conference Recordings


Today's productions are more complex than ever; we help get you through it. We supply post technical support for your unique project and workflow - when you need it the most.  Proud of the facts that we have  a 99% delivered on time history record.....and 100%

client satisfaction record...


We will bring our Remote Recording Truck  featuring dual 48 track digital recording equipment along with high quality microphones and preamps to your concert or performance and record high quality audio. We can lock to video with timecode if needed. Then you can bring it back to our recording studio or post facility to finish or take the audio files with you.  


Our Location services come with seasoned professionals as well as any assortment of gear you may need.....Also a portable software

4 camera HD switcher capable of 4 camera live streaming with graphics to internet or whatever your needs may require

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